Saturday, October 11, 2008


What is funny about extreme busyness amid extreme danger?

Insofar as money is a something, the relativity between richer and poorer is not comic, but if it is token money, it is comic that it is a relativity. If the reason for people's hustle-bustle is a possibility of avoiding danger, the busyness is not comic; but if, for example, it is on a ship that is sinking, there is something comic in all this running around, because the contradiction is that despite all this movement they are not moving away from the site of their downfall.

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Philosophical Fragments 1:555 (KW 12)

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

It was only the other day that Soren A Kierkegaard embarged on a review of the emerging church.
He was reminded of his earlier thoughts in as much as the community was transforming in to a theatrical exsistance and stage sets.
He had concluded that society no longer consisted of individuals or groups devided in to social hierarchy. Its make up was of an undifferentiated mass, " the public". He had concluded that the mass "the public" was most dangerous and significant in power.
It , "The Public" would march as soon as someone said march! It would never ask the least of questions which could make it seen as the power more or less proportionate to its state of anonymity..
Story from Kierkegaard continues at Hiland praise.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I like the story of Kierkegaard going to his doctor as he says in a journal entry 1845.
he had complained about being out of sorts.The doctors reply was "You have probable drunk too much coffee and you don't walk enough!"

Three weeks later he was speaking once more to the doctor "I really do not feel well" Soren said " But it cannot be the coffee, for I do not drink coffee." "Nor can it be lack of exercise for I walk all day long".

"So the reason must be that you don't drink coffee and you walk too much!" the doctor replied. Soren concluded his infirmity was on him because he drank coffee or if he didn't drink coffee his infirmity was because of that.

He reckoned that this was a human affliction that all had to deal with.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

."..oh, if there is a time and a place for jokes in eternity, I am convinced that the idea of my thin legs and my trousers, which have been the object of ridicule, will be my blessed amusement. In Eternity,-but, mind you, not a second before. "
SK in reflection of himself summer 1848 after feeling the strain of the conflict with the magazine The Corsair.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I ask: what does it mean when we continue to behave as though all were as it should be, calling ourselves Christians according to the New Testament, when the ideals of the New Testament have gone out of life? The tremendous disproportion which this state of affairs represents has, moreover, been perceived by many. They like to give it this turn: the human race has outgrown Christianity.

sak 1852

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Does miscommunication elicit comedy?

When the Word became pork.

When a German-Danish pastor declares, “the Word became pork( Fleisch)”this is comic.

The comic is not just the ordinary contradiction that arises when someone speaks a foreign language he does not know and evoke by the words an effect totally different from the one he wants. But because he is pastor and he is preaching the contraindication is sharpened, since in a pastor's discourse speaking is used only in a more special sense, and the least that is assumed as a given is that he can speak the language. More over, the nontraditional strays into ethical territory: a person may innocently make himself guilty of blasphemy.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

It wasn't until December 1837 that Kierkegaard realised that he was defending Christianity from outwith it.

He said If Christ is to come in to his life it must be according to the Scriptures.

It would seem that he came in through locked doors.

On 18 May1838 he had an experience which represented a new beginning a "prodigal's return".

Later he said " I mean to have a more inward relation to Christianity".